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Local Lacquer Pro Nonie Creme Launches Beauty Line

The Seattle-based fashion insider tells us about her new company, Colour Prevails, and also calls for a break from all the "nail art noise." (Here, here!)

By Laura Cassidy March 6, 2014

Time flies when you're one of Seattle's (by way of London) most stylish fixtures. I can't believe it's been five years since I featured nail lacquer authority and former Butter London creative head Nonie Creme on our then brand new Style Counsel page.

Lots has happened to this locally based fashion industry insider in the years that've passed; we've been charting most of it and feel safe saying that this most recent development is the biggest deal yet.

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Creme and her team just announced Colour Prevails, a "beauty company rooted in art, paint, and a desire to give people easy-to-use tools for beauty reinvention and self expression." Creme tells me the line "will cover every category of beauty from nail polish to full color cosmetics—even colorful hair dyes and products for hair maintenance!"

You'll see Colour Prevails in January 2015 in mass market retail outlets—think your favorite drugstore rather than department store beauty counters.

To tide you over until then, we caught up with Creme and got her thoughts on color, season, and all things now.

What color are your nails right now as you are answering these questions? I'm having retro red nail obsession. I've been wearing the same red manicure for a month now!

What's the key, must-have nail shade for spring 2014? Well, you know I've always been an against-the-grain type of girl. I love an opaque white nail for spring/summer. I want a break from all the nail art noise and a crisp white nail takes me there. Not liquid paper white, but an opaque bone or chalk would be stunning. High shine topcoat crucial. Shape can be round, oval, or pointy, but short to medium in length. We're STILL not ready to see square nails again.

What's the best lip shade for a girl who feels like can't go another day with her long-winter, when-is-spring-coming pale? I think it depends on the finish she wants. In a classic lipstick try a strong orangey coral. It may feel a little too in-your-face, but it's a striking and really fashionable lip, regardless of skin tone. If you're too timid for strong colour, go with a medium coverage lipgloss in taupe or beige, very high shine. The neutral colours feel a bit 60s, and the high shine really sexes it up.

What's the best lip color for a job interview? Best nail color? Well, I hate to sounds conservative (like, I REALLY hate to sound conservative...!) but an interview is about you and not your lips. Unless you are interviewing for a job in fashion or beauty, a strong lip is distracting and can be off-putting. Go with a tinted balm, nothing too shiny. Interview makeup is like wedding makeup; look like a natural version of yourself on a good day. Nails can be more adventurous, so pick a colour that makes you feel like you. Short nails a must, and get a proper manicure, messy nails are a no-no.

Is color even a situational thing? Can color be one-tone-fits-all or is it just to personal? I think that there are certainly colors out there that are one-tone-fits-all, but that's not what my new brand is about.

Color is one of the most effective ways to tell the world a little something about yourself. Take that opportunity to find colors that make you feel excited and inventive. Remember to play and explore in your spare time. Playing with makeup over a glass of wine is my favorite way to unwind. I'm not a makeup artist, but the more I play, the more I discover new ways to update and switch up my look. With all the excellent tutorials online these days, it's a blast and I have finally learnt to master that damn smoky eye.

What about men in nail lacquer. That was a thing for a little while and then it went away again. Thing again? I have always loved a man in nail polish. It's so devil-may-care, and just really fun. I like a guy to wear only a couple of painted nails on each hand, as if it was an after thought. I don't want him competing with me in a "who has a better manicure?" kind of way. I want him to look a bit tough. Dark or kooky colors are my faves for guys.

What are some of the weird places and things that inspire you? We all know the Northwest is an embarrassment of natural riches and any fool can get a creative kickstart just by looking at the evergreens in the gray skyline the right way, but tell us a story about having a style epiphany while doing something completely ordinary. I knew I was onto something with my new brand, but it became rock solid for me after bleaching and painting my five-year-old's hair pink at the bottom. I took her to kindergarten, and every kid followed her around like a zombie. They were obsessed!

I was pleased for a few reasons. First, how cool that being different is something that this little generation of people are celebrating, not fearing. Also, it helped a shy little girl be a rock star for a day, which led to more inclusion from the other kids. By the end of the month I had every kid at the school in my kitchen getting bleached and painted. As many boys as girls! My heart sang. You should see all these little rainbow people at the school drop off. Hair is the new nail, trust me on that.



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