Filed under Innovative Retailing Solutions We Love is local fashion entrepreneur April Pride.

After a string of popup shop-type appearances last summer, she's setting up camp here and there at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle to meet with potential clients and fans of The Dress—and, from what we hear, some emerging products as well.

Pride will be in the house for her inaugural popup atelier on her birthday, Thursday March 6. Other dates are on the books through April 29; you may visit her appointment page for specifics.

Pride's garnered a bit of a groupie situation with her one-style-fits-all vintage/modern wrap dress, and if the idea of a simple, classic style that you can update and personalize appeals to you, you should consider treating yourself to this outside-the-boutique-box opportunity.

Pride's also a pretty inspiring presence in general, and the old "just looking" is always fair game. If you're interested—and really, you should be—don't be shy about making an appointment.