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Two Top Valentine's Day Tips: Sinclair and Moore Events and London Plane

The journey is the destination, the experience is the gift. But don't worry, both include flower bombs and decadent chocolate indulgences.

By Laura Cassidy February 5, 2014

If Christmas Eve has a rival, it's Valentine's Day Eve—and maybe even Valentine's Day proper. It's almost like some people want those half-crushed last minute long-stems.

Lucky for non-planners, the husband-and-wife duo behind Sinclair and Moore Events are setting up a popup shop inside Hot Cakes from 11 to 8 on V Day where they'll offer $20 and $40 versions of their expertly crafted, European/modern bouquets as well as beautiful cards, paper goods, ribbons, and who knows what else—in the best possible way.

Sinclair and Moore Events wedding bouquet via

Designer Steve Moore told me, "Hot Cakes will also have some special treats with great packaging in addition to their awesome menu; mostly it's a fun way to be out in the community on Valentine's Day."

May I recommend a journey-is-the-destination kind of thing? Take your beloved to Ballard, buy him or her a posy and something decadent to snack upon, and take/make some selfie sonnets together.

Meanwhile, over in Pioneer Square, London Plane owner Katherine Anderson tells me she and her crew are "going to open up the big new corner space for a first sneak-peek and three days of Valentine's Day sales on February 12, 13, and 14."

"We will also be selling cookies and chocolate made in our new kitchen," she says. "Then we will close for a week or so, and open the whole space for good—fingers-crossed, that last week in February."

There again: the experience is the gift. Go together, shop a bit like the well-connected insiders you are. Wander.

Marigold and Mint arrangement courtesy Katherine Anderson.

Of course, they're also ready for you at Anderson's other spot, Marigold and Mint; you can even order your flower bomb online.


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