Because some people just can't wait. Or because some people don't want to wait.

Or because some people love bingo. And drag queens.

Because it's Valentine's Day. Yeah, because it's Valentine's Day, two Seattle institutions are offering a good time and a quick fix on that engagement of yours.

Far 4 shopkeeper, champagne bar hostess, and event planner Jenny Klimenkoff is turning her space into a sort of one-day wedding chapel on Friday, February 14. Yes, you can actually roll in single and roll out married. Easy, fast, and actually and truly quite elegant.

Couples are invited to pick a time slot, and, well, that's really the only decision they'll have to make. The beautiful and artful downtown spot is theirs (and their guests') for an hour; photography, decor, and bubbly are included. Contact Far 4 for more information.

On Saturday, February 15 at Fremont Studios, they're celebrating the one-year anniversary of marriage equality with a theater of marriage. Kind of. There will be some vows—not yours, sadly; this isn't an opportunity for you to say "I do", but a celebration of the fact that everyone, in theory, gets to—and a lot of bridesmaids.

In fact, organizers suggest that the best way for you to participate is to come in full, crazy, wedding-party regalia. Get dressed up and help raise money for Lifelong Aids Alliance with bingo, drag performances, prizes, and a lot of love.

The party goes from 7 to 10; tickets are available via the Lifelong website.