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Sample Sale: Carole McClellan

Get inside this Seattle designer's studio and showroom, and get great deals on leather, fur, and more.

By Laura Cassidy October 7, 2013

Speaking of IDRS, last year's winner, Carole McClellan, opens her gorgeous Pioneer Square studio and invites you to come paw through more than 100 leather and fur garments for men and women, and take 60 to 70 percent off their retail value.

The weekend-long sample sale event runs Friday, October 18 through Monday, October 21; hours are 11 to 7, except on Sunday when they are 11 to 5. 

McClellan isn't just a recent hit; she's been stitching tough—and pretty, or handsome—outfits for this town since before classic rock was called "classic rock."

Fans of leather and/or local design should not miss this opportunity to be a part of the legacy—for less.

Carole McClellan with her models at the 2013 IDRS competition; image courtesy the Bellevue Collection.


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