Heads up. Have you noticed shoppers going in and out of that tent and trailer configuration in Belltown?

Image courtesy Aeether

It's the Aetherstream, a traveling show of mens' and womens' outwear and accessories from the California-based design-obsessed outerwear concern.

In town until September 25 at 2312 First Ave (roughly speaking, between Local 360 and Kuhlman), the tent holds all manner of insulated shells, performance fabric outer layers, and esoteric adventure gear—the kind of stuff that's part and parcel with the Northwest life.

The difference here is that the shopping experience isn't so customary. The high-concept popup shop on wheels is an environmentally aware design project angled at savvy urban dwellers (they've already hit New York and LA) who like to get wild here and there.

Image courtesy Aether

If there was a cooler term than "glamping" that took architecture, sustainability, and style to heart and referred to a woodburning stove inside a vintage trailer parked at a coolly graffiti-strewn city parking lot, we'd use it. Get into it Tuesday thru Sunday between 11 and 6.

Image courtesy Aether


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