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Shop It: Empowering Women at the Burke Museum

Learn about empowered global communities creating artisan goods for the world-wide market. And shop those goods—on July 20 and 21.

By Julia Kernerman July 1, 2013


Image courtesy Stephanie Mendez / The Burke Museum

Beauty, inspiration, and innovation are the main components of the Burke’s new exhibit Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives that Transform Communities, but an Artisan Market on July 20 and 21 complete with coop members from Laos, Rwanda, Nepal, Morocco, India, and Bolivia all demonstrating their crafts makes it real.

Expect to see stunning embroideries, intricately beaded necklaces, colorful baskets, and striking tapestries all with the intimate stories of their creators at this traveling exhibit composed of the work of ten women-run artisan cooperatives from around the world.

Each of the grass-root organizations has different motivations for their work whether it is preserving a traditional art, sustaining the environment, or providing refuge from violence. Having been featured at the prestigious Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, their skills have proven to be the finest in world.

Image via the Burke Museum

Localizing the exhibit are the accompanying six Seattle-based cooperatives, such as the Snow Leopard Trust and Haiti Babi, also displaying their work—some of which can be purchased at the Burke’s gift shop.

Empowering Women runs through October 27 but keep in mind; the pop-up artisan market is only a two-day affair. See the Burke's website for more. 


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