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Blackbird Ballard is Closing

Owner Nicole Miller announced on July 2 that she's shuttering her groundbreaking, internationally recognized Ballard shop. Silver lining: stuff's on sale.

By Laura Cassidy July 3, 2013

Almost immediately after we got the email yesterday, we posted a quick note on my Facebook page, and almost immediately after that, the sad-face emojis showed up.

Bye, bye. Logo via

It's true: the men's store that really changed the game in Seattle—and played a part in mixing up the baggy, preppy, jeans-and-tee vibe for men all over the world by providing sophisticated alternatives—is closing at the end of July. Blackbird Ballard owner Nicole Miller said via a group email sent on July 2, "After nearly 9 years of selling pants to people who need pants, I have decided to close my Blackbird stores to focus on the wholesale sales of our #1 products: Blackbird Incense Pyres, Beard Oil, and Black Square Soap (and a few more)."

Miller also waxed just a little romantic about the sales reps who warned her she was buying all the weird stuff (she believed in it, and she sold it) and expressed thanks to those who helped her pull it all—the Field House, the blog, and other related endeavors—off over the years.

Another email just went out today announcing the final clearance sale; at the time of this writing it is basically impossible to get into the company's website. Miller had customers all over the world, and as much as everyone of 'em liked a skinny silhouette, I'm sure they like a sale, too.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, you'll be able to get through to the discounts. I mean, if you're not going to enjoy the silver lining, what's the point?

I've got a word in to BB HQ and hope to relay some additional information about the futre from base camp, but for now let's just go from Miller's first email again, which read, "All items except a few are wildly marked down and everything including fixtures must go by the end of the month. In addition, some lucky person will be happy to know that we're selling off the giant metal staircase and loft too."

So long, Blackbird, it's really been nice to know you.



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