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Boudoir Photography: Still a Trend?

Are Seattle couples still putting down the money and taking off their conservative layers for sexy extras before and after the wedding day?

By Erica Thompson May 22, 2013

Almost three years ago, we got the inside scoop from local photographers on the budding trend of boudoir photography. With the 2013 spring/summer season upon us, we thought it was a good time to check in and see if couples are still interested in sexy extras before or after their wedding day.

The slide show here contains all the answers—and the photos that prove them true. We talked to Seattle Boudoir Photography, Belle Boudoir, Christina Mallet Photography, Rebecca Ellison Photography, Persimmon Images, and Laurel McConnell Photography and got their take on the business of intimate imagery.

Before we get too introspective about it all, let's just say: It is a business. Starting prices vary from around $250 to $500 and most bookings include professional makeup and sometimes hair styling before the session. Although many of their clients are brides-to-be, the photographers we talked to have requests all year round. If you're interested, it would make sense to book a session before or after wedding season is in full swing.

Some shooters specialize in the trend, many straightforward wedding photographers are open to the idea of it, but some will pass you along to others rather than take you on unwrapped. One anonymous lens crafter we spoke to said, "Every boudoir session I've scheduled included a million and one emails and phone calls and questions, and then half of them got nervous and cancelled." You won't do that, right? 

Bottom line: the shooters in our show are passionate about making women—and men; yeah, that's happening—look and feel their best. Check out our images and interviews for more.

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