Product Runway teams are made up of designers from leading architecture firms paired with industrial design reps (and sometimes their retail or trade partners) who bring a not necessarily sewing-machine friendly set of materials to the mix. General admission tickets for the Friday, May 3 event are now sold out—but we're giving away four free tickets. More info at the end of this post. 

The team: MulvannyG2 Architecture/United Tile/Oceanside Glasstile

The skills: The design and architecture teams at MulvannyG2 handle retail, mixed use, and restaurant projects. Perhaps you've heard of a store called Costco? Or, among other vertical landmarks, the Bellevue Towers?

Secret weapon: Crack suppression membrane. It's the stuff that goes down under tile so that... well, cracks are suppressed. In the right hands, though, it makes a pretty cool skirt. Especially when artfully dyed. United's Dawn King, who knows the material inside and out, stitched volume and drama into it as well, and the result is really quite lovely.

Challenge: Ever tried to wear your backsplash? Tile is heavy. And working with it is daunting. "People are afraid of it," King told me. "I think because they think of it as being so permanent."

Here's hoping MulvannyG2's Cara D'Amato hasn't been skipping her Pilate's classes. (Have I mentioned that each team's look will be modeled on the runway by a member of that team?) The team—brand new to the competition this year; they joined in after D'Amato's hair stylist at Obadiah brought it up with her—fashioned the non-suppression fabric half of a couture gown with tiles that evoke an electrical fire.


iPhone snap.


And here's hoping you already got your tickets. They are indeed all gone, but check this out: We have two sets of two to give away.

To get your name in the hat: Email it (your name, not your hat), your phone number, and your email address to [email protected]

The subject line must say Product Runway Giveaway.

Winners will be notified by email; if you haven't heard from us Friday, April 26 it means you didn't win.






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