Product Runway teams are made up of designers from leading architecture firms paired with industrial design reps (and sometimes their retail or trade partners) who bring a not necessarily sewing-machine friendly set of materials to the mix. This is our last progress report; the show is soon—May 3—and general admission tickets are now sold out—but we're holding on to your free tickets for safe keeping. More info at the end of this post.

The team: Freiheit & Ho/Patcraft Carpet

The skills: I learned a new word from the Freihiet & Ho team: Charrette. The same fast-and-furious idea sessions that lead to new developments at Sodo's Stadium Place and tenant improvement projects for clients such as Starbucks and McDonalds worked for the runway competition, inspiring ideas about nature, humans and animals, and wearable construction.

As for Patcraft Carpet, well, yeah, you guessed it; they make carpet—which is interesting when you think what the other teams had to work with. I'm not suggesting Freiheit & Ho had a disadvantage, but they did have essentially one product to pull apart and deconstruct, whereas other teams had chairs, partitions, desks, and whatever else. Again, don't feel bad for 'em, though.

"We created more products out of their one product," said F&H's Katie McGough. And then they knitted with them. And did other things that I can't really talk about.

They're a pretty crafty bunch, these designers. And fairly secretative, too. With some teams, what happens in Product Runway build-out sessions stays in Product Runway build-out sessions. Just know that you definitely aren't going to see a hallway runner walking down the runway in May.

(Side note: These gals made their own dress form, too. Out of duct tape. With the help of YouTube.)

Now hear this: Product Runway tickets are essentially sold out. Only VIP spots remain, but we have two sets of two to give away.

To get your name in the hat: Email it (your name, not your hat), your phone number, and your email address to [email protected]

The subject line must say Product Runway Giveaway.

Winners will be notified by email; if you haven't heard from us Friday, April 26 it means you didn't win.

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