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Goings On: Tarboo at Lovecitylove, Craft and Culture Ledger

Wherein you get caught up on style events of note from the last week, including a new Tarboo popup and a new print issue from Craft and Culture.

By Abiola Akanni March 25, 2013

Fresh from a Gilt City promotion (Gilt City? Total time warp), the Tarboo guys have a temporary popup shop space at the Capitol Hill hub Lovecitylove. (You'll remember the party they threw there to unveil their bag collection.) Clasic plaid button-ups, those just-launched canvas backpacks, and red cotton twill biking pants are on hand Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 and Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 5 through June.

Lovecitylove creative director Lucien Pelligrin in a Tarboo shirt at the recent popup opening.

About those tomato-colored slacks. Turns out Tarboo manufactured the pants, also available in khaki, for the up and coming biking brand, Greenlite Heavy Industries. Founder Michael McGuffin sources his ultra smooth cotton twill fabric from Japan, and the look follows suit.

Biking accoutrements were definitely in the air when the popup launched last Friday, March 15. We ran into Tarik Abdulllah, local biking afficianado. The straw-hat wearing vintager pictured here is a two-wheeling dandy and also a leather craftsman specializing in custom bike designs; seat covers, hand rails, bike boxes, and the like. (Insiders know he's also a cook, and hosts quarterly invite-only popup dinners, too.)


The city's most stylish biker? Tarik Abdulla at the Tarboo opening. (Peep the brand's backpack, too.)

The vibe on Monday, March 18 at Capitol Hill’s Pettirosso was urban tracker as Craft and Culture's Hana Ryan Wilson and Jason Parker, and a legion of local makers, doers, and style-setters, celebrated Ledger II: The Hunter. The follow up to the online shop's first print release, the broadsheet-style magazine profiles Seattle designers and the global mix that is the Craft and Culture brand.


Photographer Fiona Pepe and Craft and Culture co-founder Hana Ryan Wilson at the Ledger release party at Pettirosa on Capitol Hill.

Ryan Wilson had this to say about the title of Ledger II and the issue's editorial content: “This time around we collaborated with a lot of strong, creative women. With all the female forces working to deliver this issue, I knew I wanted to represent a strong girl, a hunter. Our editorials are also richer in this issue. We brought on photographer Fiona Pepe and her skilled eye was an amazing addition.”


Look for the new issue of Ledger at coffee shops around town.

Abiola Akanni is a guest blogger at Seattle Met; her blog is called Bora Bora Style.

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