WHERE: SoDo Showbox

A 2011 Product Runway moment.

WHAT: Each fall, top design firms from around town form teams, partner with industrial design suppliers (makers of high-end fixtures and gorgeous ceramic tile and more), and ditch interiors for the body and trade rooms for the runway to bring Product Runway to life.

Over a series of meetings and meet-ups that mimic the designer's hardcore, detail-oriented professional process, teams work to craft couture wardrobe pieces that, ideally, don't look like they could be deconstructed to remodel a bathroom. 

When the looks are sent down the runway at the end of the months-long process, you better believe the result is high drama. The runway show sells out each year as the design and fashion community comes together at the intersection of textiles, hardware, innovation, unexpected adaptation, and good times.

Stay tuned to Shop Talk as we check in with teams and watch their ideas evolve.

WHEN: Friday, May 3. Tickets go on sale March 15.

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