If you've ever spent a month or two camped out in a relative's spare bedroom while your kitchen was being remodeled, you know what Jill and Wayne Donnelly at Baby and Co. are going through.

On Boxing Day, the owners of one of Seattle's longest-running and chicest boutiques decamped to the space most recently occupied by the now-defunct House of Fashion in order that a total remodel in their big, glorious First Ave space could commence. 

Check out the shop's blog for more." data-image-selection='{"width":1280,"height":853,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":1280,"y2":853}'>

Baby and Co. is running the winter sale from its temporary location, just around the corner from the First Ave shop. Check out the shop's blog for more.

Loyal followers and curious newbies alike would do well to head to the old space and then hang a right to get inside the temporary popup shop at 113 Virginia and check out the shop's winter sale.

Markdowns are at 40 to 60 percent off, and there seems to be a real spirit of out with the old, in with the new in the air.

The sale will last as long as the discounted men's and women's fashion does, and the Donnellys expect to be in the new space by March 1. And I expect they'll do something pretty special to welcome you back in once they're there.

As always, stay tuned.



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