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Sale: Glassybaby

You know how deal seekers and style hunters love to stand in a line? It'll be no different at this year's Seconds Sale in Madrona.

By Laura Cassidy January 22, 2013

Glassybaby's Valerie Waltz tells us there are thousands of seconds available for this year's sale, in every shade imaginable.

"It takes four artists to make each Glassybaby," Valerie Waltz of the locally blown and grown business told me. "You can feel the eight hands that have touched each one. With any handmade product, you have imperfections—they can be height difference, or a bubble, or more clear glass than normal on the bottom."

"Actually, Lee likes the seconds more than the firsts," she continued. "Each one is unique."

Lee being Lee Rhodes, the Glassybaby founder who's imprinted her business with a sense of giving and compassion. And style.

And, when it comes to so-called imperfections, savings.

Each year at this time the Madrona studio hosts a Seconds Sale, and these coveted luxuries are $28 instead of the usual $44. 

This year's sale is on Saturday, January 26; doors open at 8, but we're told folks line up at midnight the night before and things get downright fanatical. Just a head's up.

And least you think your discounted vessel won't do as much as a full-priced one will, in terms of community and growth, the company is donating "$15,000 from the sale to charities supporting oncology nursing scholarships and early detection of ovarian cancer."

Can't make it on January 26? Score a 10 percent discount via the online shop during Seconds Sale hours.

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