Jodi Davis
Visual director at Barneys New York,
If you own it, wear it. That means breaking out the high heels I’ve been saving for special occasions. You’ll see me hobbling around in Alaïa, Costume National, and those impossible Céline wedges. My feet will be very 2000s, while the rest of me will harken to good ole ’90s Marc Jacobs flannel and mohair. 


Stacey Rozich
Artist and illustrator,
In 2013, I’m liberating my hair. I’ve spent years wrestling my very thick, very heavy hair into submission via blow-dryer, flatiron, or curling iron—sometimes all three! Air drying and surf spray is my new routine, with the occasional aid of a curling iron when I’m feeling saucy.


Nicole Miller
Owner and creative director at Blackbird,
More rings! I love the scene in the Karl Lagerfeld documentary where he’s heading out of the house for the day and stacks 10 rings on each hand. Incredible. My wardrobe is all black and fairly uniform; rings add creativity and uniqueness to get me through the day. They also make me giggle.


Robert Yoder
I’ve grown increasingly tired of the Brawny Man, bear-boy style of no style and will counteract it whenever possible. More tailored shirts, more ties, a fascist haircut, and bright Adidas. I’m buying Chanel. For me.


Matt Noren
Cofounder at Tarboo,
Aqua. That specific color from a sweater of 10 years ago. More. Especially for pants. Red as well.


Esther Shin
Fashion editor at Amazon Fashion,
One word: eclecticism—to seamlessly transition from one distinct look to the next and inspire others to venture outside their comfort zones. Yes, you can wear leather pants! I just turned 30, which means I’m allowed to feel less guilty about investment pieces.


Ria Leigh
Ceramic and textile designer and creative director at Kaleidoscope Vision,
I fully appreciate the minimalist aesthetic, but sartorially speaking I’m tired of clean lines and neutral tones. This year I’m saying adieu to all attempts at austerity and unleashing my inner maximalist. I will embrace color, freely mix prints, pile on accessories, and reapply my lipstick. Because more is more. 


Sarah Butler
Fashion events and editorial coordinator at the Bellevue Collection,
My day-to-day requires me to know the latest of the latest, and trends tend to rule my life. Often these of-the-moment gems put me in a momentary hysteria; obsessing over the color or shoe. While my heart will always skip a beat for hot-list pieces, it’s time to polish a signature style that’s effortlessly “Sarah.”


River Burke
Owner and creator at River Song,
Every day I will wear something with ancestry, made by real hands; a souvenir, a relic, a tangible happy memory. Like one of our antique heart milagro charms, a string bracelet I found in Athens, or my grandma’s etched gold cuff.


Mark Mitchell
Since Referendum 74 has passed, I’m thinking wedding clothes. My resolution is to prevent myself walking down the aisle in a jeweled kaftan, although I can’t stop thinking about Elizabeth Taylor in her 1968 misfire Boom! Maybe a nice black suit and something huge, floral, and slightly dangerous on my head?


Ann DeOtte Kaufman
Founder and designer at Iva Jean,
This year I’ll err on the side of overdressed; heels, tailored dresses, silky tops, a camel coat, and statement jewelry from Hitchcock Madrona. I’d also like to keep it polished when I’m dressed down; leather leggings, cashmere sweaters, and great sneakers—I’m tempted by the Nike wedges. 


Jessica Park
Designer at Ampersand As Apostrophe, 
About 10 years ago I made the ultimate, life-changing style resolution: I would get rid of anything I didn’t absolutely love. Like really love. When in doubt, do without. Simplicity is key. Wear what makes you feel good.


Jill Donnelly
Co-owner of Baby and Co.,
When I was at Paris Fashion Week buying for spring 2013, I tweeted, “Heads up tomboys, it’s time to get your girl on, cause spring 2013 is all about the dress.” My fashion resolution will be to practice what I preach and, as one who sports the tomboy style, wear more dresses. 


Charlie Schuck
Photographer and owner of Object Store,
I want to find pairings of existing clothes I thought might never work together. And longer thigh- to knee-length coats and boots to survive winter. Back to simple white tennis shoes and a long trench coat come spring. I’m hoping they make a trench in coral or pale yellow this year. 


Linda Derschang
Owner of Oddfellows, Smith, et al.,
Vintage clothing was a big part of my wardrobe in the ’80s. Not as much in recent years. For 2013, I’m feeling it’s time to add vintage again. I’m inspired by the ’40s right now; jackets, jewelry, and hats—especially turbans. Also more heels and dark lipstick.


Strath Shepard
Creative director at Nordstrom, Land Management, and Pacific Standard magazine,
I’m going to buy some key pieces that are classic and high quality enough to last the rest of my life—a good peacoat, some nice work boots, a few suits. I’ll probably look a little outdated at times, but that’s okay, I will be “that guy.” I’m also going to start wearing a fragrance, and using the word fragrance. Probably one of those Comme des Garçons ones that smells like a piece of wood.


Chiyo Ishikawa
Deputy director for art and curator of European painting and sculpture at SAM,
Morning makeup routine has been reduced to Bobbi Brown eyeliner and no mascara. C’est tout.


Izzie Klingels
Illustrator at Les Yeux d’Extase,
I’ll embrace triangles—now so far out that they are in again. I’ll revive UV makeup, wear tomato-red flares. Avoid the ’90s again. Reject arrows and digital galaxy prints. Endorse glow sticks, leopard print, patent leather, and anything that’s not quietly tasteful and nostalgically rustic. You say neon is over? I say never.


Published: January 2013

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