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Five Tips from eBay's Selling Style Studio

eBay's Chic Squad was at Northgate Mall helping Seattle make room for fall fashion. We were there, and we'll share our notes.

By Amanda Austin August 5, 2012

Last week, eBay’s Chic Squad touched down in Seattle for the fifth and final stop of their Selling Style Studio Tour. They hung out at Northgate Mall for two days to help prospective eBay sellers recycle their old fashion.

We were lucky enough to get some one-on-one time with celebrity stylist Danielle Nachmani who was on hand to dole out the best selling advice with the squad—the group of pros she oversees with Brad Goreski.

At the workshop, Nachmani saw a lot of Seattle sellers bringing in denim to consign, and she says we’re on the right track: denim is far and above the best seller on eBay. A pair of designer jeans sells every 6 to 7 seconds on eBay, Nachmani says. “Seattle is definitely more casual than the other cities we visited. I say that in the best way obviously. ”

Danielle Nachmani visited Seattle to help locals sell their style on eBay. The celebrity stylist is pictured above at the Chic Squad's stop in Dallas.

The squad is done in the Pacific Northwest for now, but Nachmani left us with some words of wisdom for both eBay novices and seasoned pros.

 1. Ditch your accessories. People are more willing to buy handbags, jewelry, and other accessories that are basically a guaranteed fit. Try selling handbags—eBay’s second best seller behind jeans—or shoes, where people know their size and are confident buying.

 2. Part ways with patterned denim. Nachmani says patterns and florals have been great fun over the last year, but it might be time to let go of the patterned pants, especially because cooler temps will mean fewer appropriate opportunities to wear these pieces anyway. She says printed denim is the perfect equation of a trend item plus a classic seller, meaning it will amount to selling success for you.

 3. Make room for leather. Nachmani suggests selling dainty, seasonal florals and lace pieces to make room for the leather skirts, bags, and other pieces she’s anticipating this fall and winter.

4. Nachmani stresses how much eBay has grown and improved its structure to foster a safer shopping experience. Don't skimp on your research and product knowledge, though. Be knowledgeable as a shopper, and don’t make rushed decisions, Nachmani says.

5. Sell buzz-worthy brands. Search engine optimization isn’t just relevant for social media geeks, SEO matters on eBay. Nachmani says selling J. Brand jeans, BCBC dresses and tops, and Marc Jacobs accessories yields great success. If you and your low rise J. Brand skinny jeans have had a good run, go ahead and turn them over to eBay and upgrade to a more on-trend mid rise pair.

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