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Real Weddings Cheat Sheet

Cliff notes for getting your wedding into Seattle Met Bride & Groom.

By Laura Cassidy August 22, 2012


Get us up close, right next to the textures and colors that made your wedding so special.


Can you hear that?

It's the sound thousands of weddings coming to a joyful halt. While the modern wedding season is happily stretching into September and October, the great majority of grand affairs still go down in July and August. And that means a lot of recently married folks, and their beaming vendors, are thinking about how to get their celebration into Seattle Met Bride & Groom's Real Wedding pages.

We've done Real Wedding how-to posts before, but this time around we're giving you a check list of the kinds of photos we need to see in order to consider weddings for publication. 

Whether you just had your wedding or it's coming up soon, please refer to our general submission guidelines and submit images that match up with the instructions below. Our deadline for the winter/spring 2013 issue is November 3. In each issue, we print weddings that took place over the previous year, so for the issue that's out in January we'll review images from weddings as far back as January 2012. Anyone may submit; photographers, wedding planners, the couples themselves—just be sure you've got everyone on board. 

-Ceremony location; where did you make your promises? What did it look like there?

-Ceremony details; what was the altar, arbor, or chuppah like? What did you tie to the backs of the chairs? what was strewn up and down the aisle?

-Ceremony moments; what did it feel like as you exchanged vows?

-Ceremony flowers; we want to see your the bouquet, the bout, and the other arrangements, too

-Bridal party fashion; what were your colors and how were they worn? This is an okay place to include a formal posed shot, but do try to make it artful (see above). 

-Bride and groom fashion; it's not just what you wore, but how you wore it. Jewelry and accessories included. (Though to be honest, we're nearly maxed out on the groomsmen-and-their-stripey-socks thing.)

-Beauty shots; if someone spent hours and a whole pack of bobby pins on your 'do, you should have a good shot of it. And if you went au natural, we want to see that too. 

-Ceremony guests; were your guests true individuals with personal style? We like people watching.

-Ceremony closure; who can resist a newly minted man and wife on their way down a grand and innovative aisle?

-Transition from ceremony to reception; this can be a difficult one to plan properly, so we like seeing images that illustrate how guests and couples moved (metaphorically and literally) from one stage of the event to another

-Reception location; again, a large-scale shot showcasing the setting.

-Reception details; these are perhaps the most important images you can submit and as many as five or six images might be appropriate within this one category. Show us your tabletops and place settings, your centerpieces, your guest's name cards and table numbers, the menus that greeted them on the table, the cake table, the hung, strung, and perfectly placed decor elements

-Reception edibles; heck yeah, we want to see what you ate! And your cake(s) or other desserts. 

-Reception entertainment; who provided the good times?

-Reception cocktails; was there a special signature one?

-Reception fashion; same as above, but with a glass of champagne!

-Did you serve reception snacks? Late-night or otherwise?

-Did you have a grand exit?

-Was there a cool get-away car?

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