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The AP adds 185 fashion terms to their most recent Stylebook. (No, that’s not the same as a look book.)

By Laura Cassidy July 3, 2012

What’s in here? Tips on the correct usage of “selvedge?” A definition of “ombre?”

While I hang out waiting for some Women’s Wear Daily intern to update me on the Thierry Mugler capsule collection,, my colleagues are following some pretty studious Tweeters, like the Associated Press Stylebook.

Good thing, because one of them recently alerted me to a Tweet from the head honchos of grammar and usage at the Associated Press Stylebook.

"The 2012 Stylebook includes a fashion chapter with 185 terms, A-line to zoot suit. They’re also in Stylebook Online," said the Tweeter—and added a hashtag for APStyleChat. (Now that sounds like a good time.) ‪

So while we’re all waiting for our ‘12 Stylebook to arrive (who can spoil it by looking online?), I figured we might as well hazard a few guesses on what’s in there.

Trend phrases like "color blocking?" "Dip-dyed?"

Basics such as "button-up" vs. "button-down?" (Totally different shirt types, you know.)

Perhaps the aforementioned "capsule collection?"

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