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Totokaelo by the Numbers

What to know about the new store in the heart of Capitol Hill.

By Laura Cassidy June 1, 2012


Downsizing? That’s not Jill Wenger’s style. A little over a year ago, we broke the news that the owner of Totokaelo was vacating her space, in favor of bigger one and adding art, interiors, furniture, and more to her offerings.

A few weeks ago, it became real.

Check out the math on the new Totokaelo, and then click through the slideshow to find out more about Oddfellows’ new neighbor.

-Square footage at the former Western Ave location: 1050

-Square footage at the new 10th Ave shop: 7000

Number of dressing rooms at old location: Two

-Number of dressing rooms now: Four

-Number of new jobs created because of the new space: Six

-Number of additional hours per week the shop is open: Seven

-Number of Totokaelo-owned computers before the new store: Ten

-Additional equipment purchased: Three iPads and two iPods

-Average number of shoe pairs displayed at former location: 70

-Average number at the new location: 110

-Number of cases used to display jewelry at former location: 13

-Number of cases used to display jewelry at the new spot: 24

-Number of lighting options for sale at the former shop: Zero

-Number of lighting options offered within the newly expanded concept: 29

-Percent of Totokaelo customers who live in New York: 80

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