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Craft and Culture’s Ledger

You’re invited to celebrate game changers and outliers on Capitol Hill.

By Laura Cassidy June 4, 2012

Get inside the new issue of Ledger, produced by the Seattle team behind the online boutique

WHERE: Vermillion

WHAT: A launch party to celebrate the artists and artisans featured in Ledger Magazine, the in-print sidekick to the Seattle-produced, globally aimed web-based shop

Craft & Culture and Ledger founders Hana Ryan Wilson and Jason Parker fete a particularly Seattle-centric crew of makers in the first issue; Sarah Loertscher and Drifting Arrows swimwear among them.

Craft & Culture isn’t limited by the geography of our town, but it is informed and energized by it. The founding duo told me that they were in local jewelry artist Elizabeth Patterson’s studio when the original idea for their online emporium came to them. "She has huge collections of rocks, materials, and objects from which she makes her jewelry. Watching her put together her pieces and talk about the process was really beautiful and intimate. We wanted to share that with people."

They say Ledger, printed on newsprint because it has a "natural graininess that lends toward our aesthetic," is the culture part of Craft & Culture. "We wanted to create something purely to celebrate and explore the culture of outliers, game-changers, and underground craftsmanship."

"The more you explore, the more you uncover," say Wilson and Parker. "Seattle still has secrets. There’s a tranquility and privacy here that seems to cater to a different kind of artist and a tendency toward the unexpected. There’s a wealth of edgy, young talent in fashion, music and art. The excitement is contagious."

Are you feeling it? Do you wish you were? Either way, this is the Wednesday night party for you.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 13 from 8 to 11. Music from DJ OZMZ OTACAVA; for more details, visit the Facebook event page.

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