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Bellevue Square Expansion

The Eastside mega-shop is adding to their square footage. Care to guess which retailers might be moving on up?

By Laura Cassidy June 19, 2012

The Seattle Times reported that Bellevue Square has plans to add another 119,000 square feet of retail space to their 1.3 million square foot property.

Recession, what recession?

Space, what space? The extra shopping area is going on top of the existing site, not next door to it. (Which is good, since there’s no available land anywhere in that area.)

Reps from Kemper Development, the parent company of Bellevue Square, declined to the disclose any further details to the Times, so there’s no word on just who, and what, will be filling up those third and fourth floors.

But we can guess, can’t we?

While I sincerely doubt it’s the right spot for Uniqlo, it’s kind of fun to revisit that idea, isn’t it? Almost better yet, what about Zara? That’s the name most mentioned in my circles when it comes to closing out a statement like, "I wish Seattle had a …"

The Times piece speculates that Saks, Bloomingdales, or another Nordstrom Rack might be in order.

I’m interesting in knowing what you think—or even just what you want.

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