Wedding Wednesday

Introducing Life’s Flix

A Pierce County company wants to make your friends and relatives into stars on YouTube.

By Laura Cassidy May 16, 2012

Depending on the creativity and talent of your circle of friends and the disposition of your family, the idea of handing a select five or ten of them a video camera and letting the fate of your wedding-day movie rest in their hands might seem really crazy. Especially if you’re thinking you’d then get a pile of digital footage in return, along with maybe a well-intended, ‘Have fun with that!’

Wedding videos, whether professionally created or some Uncle Jack job, are all about the editing. A lot will happen during your approximately eight-hour big day, and a lot will need to happen in order to elegantly cram it into anything that anyone (including you) will want to sit down and watch.

If hiring a professional videographer isn’t in your budget, a couple of dudes in Steilacoom (that’s southwest of Tacoma, pardner) have a solution, and it’s called Life’s Flix.

The newly launched company sends you five or ten cameras, depending on the package you select. You bestow a special honor/duty on a few friends and family members, and then return the cameras to Life’s Flix later.

In other words, you wash your hands of the whole editing process. The company’s storytelling and digital tech pros cull the best scenes into something akin to the footage of this destination event on Life Flix’s YouTube channel. (Don’t have 35 minutes on your hands? Check out the abbreviated version above.)

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