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New Venue: 1927 Events

The folks behind Sole Repair and inside the kitchen at Scott Staples’ Feed Co. Catering open a new spot in the heart of downtown.

By Laura Cassidy May 9, 2012

A portion of Feed Co.’s spread at the recent Linked wedding fair; Feed Co. is the catering partner for 1927, the new downtown event space.

It’s an address, it’s emblematic of an era, it’s a new L-shaped reception space on Third Avenue from the folks who do Sole Repair up on Capitol Hill: 1927 Events has arrived.

Well, almost.

I recently met co-owner Grace Hoffman and Feed Co catering director Stacy Paczan (the Scott Staples-fronted cookery is the official food and drink outfit for the Pike Street venue and the new downtown one) inside the work-in-progress and got the scoop.

Hoffman’s partner has been holding on to the space—around the corner from the Moore Theatre and convenient to lots of downtown parking and hotels—for some time, but build-outs like these take time. (Read: Staples isn’t going to just cook any-old-where, and I’ve heard the kitchen is going to be fantastic.) The original structure, which was built around 1927, gave way to lots of great brick and exposed beams, and the architects and designers were able to repurpose materials—and add elements of Swing era charm of course. I was too early to see the chandeliers and other finishing touches, but they’ll be in place soon; several weddings are on the books for this summer.

In addition to top shelf catering, 1927 offers the whole seating shebang: tables and chairs are included, and they’ve got room for 300 celebratory guests for a cocktail, stand-up style affair, or 190 when a full, sit-down dinner is planned.

Pepper-crusted pork loin, red beets, green beans, walnuts and watercress with a salad of shaved summer squash, sweet peppers, grilled bread and parmesan dressing, anyone? Maybe some sage falafel bites with lemon-paprika mayo and a one or two wild boar Sloppy Joe minis with onion-sage crumbles?

Hoffman, Paczan, and their cohorts are planning an open house at the end of June. Stay tuned; we’ll make sure you have the details.

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