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New Work by Erich Ginder Studio

If you think the local designer’s geometric pendant lights are illuminating, you ought to see his wallpaper.

By Laura Cassidy March 2, 2012

Erich Ginder’s new pendant lights might be the new Seattle staple. Click the slideshow link to see his ASCII symbol wallpaper.

Seattle’s good at creating light. It makes sense. It’s dark and gray here. We’re too smart to settle for that, so we improve on it.

Take the design duo Graypants for example, whose novel upcycled light sources we featured some time ago.

And then there’s Iacoli and McAllister. We featured their side tables, but the New York Times has mentioned their bare bulb structures more than once.

Enter Erich Ginder, whose work has been embedding clever modernism into smart homes (I have the vase) for the past … well, has it been a decade?

Ginder, the co-owner of Fancy has a new line of fabric-covered pendant lights that seem especially applicable to the Seattle milieu. The colors have an opinion, but they won’t take over the room. The shape is forward without being too futuristic, and the geodesic dome vibe puts one in the mind of playgrounds, science centers, and biodynamic self-sustaining post-apocolypse communes. Or maybe that’s just me.

The lights are available at Fancy, and also directly from the designer.

While you’re at it, you might look into his wallpaper, too. While it’s perhaps more of a specialty item than the lights are—you could all make a case for needing one of those—it’s absolutely worth considering.

Wouldn’t old school-style tech blooms like amazing in the guest bathroom?

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