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Sale: Paper Zone Clearance

The paper goods shop is going out of business, and everything is 30 percent off.

By Laura Cassidy January 4, 2012

Clearance items come in every color at Paper Zone.

The Seattle-based chain of paper goods stores known as Paper Zone is calling it quits. The company’s announcement, pegged to the crummy economy, affects eight retail locations throughout Washington and Oregon as well as 67 employees.

It could affect you, too, of course.

Engagements and marriages bring on a flurry of correspondence, and while in this day and digital age that doesn’t always mean actual paper that you hold in your hands, most of us still lean toward the actual mail at least some of the time.

And of course Paper Zone offers more than aisles full of many-hued, multi-sized paper and envelope options. I stopped by the SoDo store yesterday to check out the sale and noticed dozens of guest, photo, and keepsake albums, tons of options for color-coordinated packaging (for gifts and favors), and a fair selection of specialty paper tools—fancy Exacto knife type stuff and extra-fancy hole-punches. I suspect many an event designer and wedding-focused crafter-for-hire type has already hit the clearance racks.

The employees I spoke with said the shop is set to be open until January 31, and offering clearance prices, but if they sell out before then, that end date will change.

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