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New: Beauty Bar at the Fairmont Olympic

From hair services to high tech body slimming and natural healing, this new spa does high tech with a soft touch.

By Heather Fink January 13, 2012

A spa bed at the new Beauty Bar in the Fairmont Olympic. You can see the vintage charm; not pictured: cutting-edge technology.

Last year around this time, a new resident moved into the Fairmont Olympic: that Tony Omega watch shop. This year the hotel’s new partner is the Beauty Bar. Located on the ground level of the landmark downtown property, the day spa claims to have some of the best aesthetic technology available in the city.

I went in for a facial to look into that, and I can definitely verify that they’ve got some great crystal chandeliers. Inside rooms made rosy by pinkish light that illuminates just enough to see well, but not enough to see too well, you definitely get the feeling that the decor is inspired by European elegance—a match, of course, for the hushed, Old World glamor of the Fairmont. In fact, I instantly thought of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. The space is open, with two large rooms that act as a reception area, and smaller service suites which are arranged around the reception. A comfy bathrobe waits on the back of each door. Of course.

But while the feeling is vintage Parisian, the services are anything but.

Take for instance the Sudatonic body slimming (“based on sound scientific principals using Infrared heat to increase metabolism”) and microcurrent non-surgical facelifts. I submitted to the latter, which uses conductive cremes to help push microelectric waves into your skin. Why? To stimulate and strengthen facial muscles. It doesn’t hurt; it’s a bit like your face is getting a massage.

The Beauty Bar claims to have one of the best microcurrent machines available on the market. Gunna Covert, my Icelandic aesthetician, mentioned that one of the reasons she came work to work for Beauty Bar owner Angela Rosen was the technology available there. Another, presumably, is that Rosen hunted her down and left her no viable options. Part of the lore at the salon is that Rosen relentlessly pursued top technicians around town and wooed them to the Fairmont Olympic.

The Beauty Bar has been open since November. If high tech beauty in nostalgic surroundings sounds like an appropriate post-holiday cure, consider giving them a ring.

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