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Recap: Prairie Underground Sample Sale

A report from the shopping trenches.

By Heather Fink December 16, 2011


If you made it to Prairie Underground’s recent sample sale, it was great for your closet—and for the BABES Network. According to designers Davora Linder and Camilla Eckersley, the 20 percent of proceeds that they promised to the peer counseling non-profit amounted to more than $9,000 in donations. Nice job, Seattle. And nice job, Prairie Underground.

Shoppers were able to snag pieces from past collections as well as sample items that never went into production. The room was filled with cozy sweatshirts, denim leggings, jersey knit dresses, and more. I couldn’t resist a cream T-shirt for 20 bucks; the extra long sleeves make layering easy and keep my hands warm. Shoppers also had a chance to peruse art from HIV30. Linder and Eckersley definitely took time to make the sale an event worth your while.

Moral of the story: Don’t sleep on this city’s sample sales. We snapped a few photos while we were there. Take a look at the slideshow for more information.

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