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Road Test: Intraceuticals at Spa Nordstrom

Winter’s a great time to reoxygenate your skin.

By Heather Fink December 1, 2011

The Intraceutical oxygen infusion in progress.

Overwhelmed by the hundreds of skin-care regimens available? How do you know which one will actually give you skin that looks as luminous as Katy Perry’s, and what does Justin Timberlake do to keep that face we love looking so young? Each of these megacelebs freely endorse Intraceuticals, an all-natural skin-care regimen, now available at Spa Nordstrom.

I went to Spa Nordstrom to see what all the hype was about.

Kym Dianovich, my aesthetician, recommended the standard infusion, a combination of two main elements: pure oxygen under light pressure and the Rejuvenate serum. Both target the lower layers of your skin with the purpose of firming and tightening from the bottom up. The oxygen helps force the serum into those lower layers, replenishing natural elements that your skin loses as you age. Dianovich explained that just as a mattress sags without a good box spring, the outer layer of your skin will sag without firm, healthy lower layers.

She performed the infusion on half of my face—it’s a completely pain free and relaxing experience—and then showed me the results before she finished, so I could compare my pretreatment skin to my post-treatment skin. I did see visible lift in my cheek and eyebrow, and my skin seemed a bit more luminous. I really noticed a new dose of life the next morning, as Dianovich had predicted.

The infusion is just as good for men as it is for women, and can be a good pick-me-up even for the skin hiding behind a beard. Good news for those of us who love a man in a beard. Intraceuticals also offers several lines of home care products, but the company recommends regular oxygen treatments by a professional as well for the best results.

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