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New at Nordstrom: WGACA

The New York–based line debuts at Nordstrom downtown and Bellevue; we talk to cofounder Seth Weisser about what to expect.

By Heather Fink November 10, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around: from the attics of the world to a Nordstrom near you.

Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione launched What Goes Around Comes Around with a handpicked selection of vintage accessories in a Soho store. After expanding their retail reach to Los Angeles, they continued to grow their brand by creating their own line based on the faded perfection of yesteryear.

On Saturday, November 5, half of the NYC-based duo behind WGACA came to your town to announce that the line will be carried at the flagship Nordstrom store downtown as well as the Bellevue location. (EDITED: nope, just Seattle) Look for it in the Savvy department. Here, we chat with Weisser about the new-to-you line.

WWW: Was there a specific piece of vintage that made you fall in love with the genre?
Weisser: I don’t know if it goes back to a certain piece. I moved to New York after college, and it was there that my personal style developed. My staple items are classic Levi’s and vintage rock T-shirts, but my closet, and collection, encompasses everything from the 1920s to the 1970s.

How long did you and Gerard decide to go into business together?
We met in college. Later, we were both in New York, and Gerard was working for Ralph Lauren. We saw how that brand was inspired by vintage, and we had the idea to create a retail environment that, by hand-selecting items that were relevant to current trends, would draw people who maybe wouldn’t normally consider wearing vintage.

What inspired your spring 2012 collection?
We were inspired by Lauren Hutton in the ’70s. The collection takes her on a world tour which starts in Buenos Aires—Gerard was there at the time—then takes her to Africa on a safari, and returns her to New York, ending in the Hamptons.

Was the music from that era an influence as well?
There’s definitely a rock and roll influence. Not only the band members, but their girlfriends. We love these photos from a trip that the Rolling Stones took to the Bahamas. Fleetwood Mac is inspirational, because there are both girls and guys in the band, and the Doors, because of James Morrison’s androgynous style.

I’ve heard you’ve gone all over the world to retrieve vintage items. What stands out as a place where really special finds turned up?
In Tokyo, two years ago, we went to the vintage market and it was unbelievable. We went on a 12-hour run, shopping with one of the city’s top stylists.

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