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Headlines: Bag Ban

You might really have a reason to rely on that cute canvas tote collection.

By Laura Cassidy November 22, 2011

Pick one. Soon, you might have to.

The Seattle Times recently reported that the City Council is again considering a plastic bag ban.

Good thing you’ve been hoarding good-looking cotton totes and lightweight coated-canvas carry-alls for the last few years. (We pulled a few examples for the first time in January of ’09; and again this past August if you’re looking for some ideas.)

As Lynn Thompson reports, Bellingham managed to pass a measure that’ll take, more or less, plastic sacks out of grocery stores next year. So why can’t we? As she states in the article, grocers are going to be all-for the whole lot of us agreeing on a bag-less life; it’s easier for the Safeways and QFCs of the world if there’s a statewide policy rather than a handful of cities doing this and a handful doing that.

Not that we’re hoping to make life easier on grocery store chains, but isn’t that sometimes the way things shake out?

What’s your take on the plastic bag thing? Should we, as a city, have given them up long ago? Don’t most of us tote our own these days anyway?

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