Issaquah-based designer and shop owner Lizzie Parker designs for multitasking women. Her new collection, Stormrunner, is all about getting dressed efficiently and feeling good all day. Click through the slideshow here to preview a few looks, and read what Parker has to say about her new work. The just-released separates and dresses are available in her store in Issaquah and on the web.

WWW: Where do you find inspiration? What were your reference points for the new collection?
Parker: Stormrunner is a kind of study in juxtapositions: soft lines with attitude. Stormy skies meets Blade Runner chic. I named each piece after an iconic rock song, because it just seemed to fit. Really, when I’m designing, I just start with one piece and that goes to the next piece, and the next, and so on; it’s all about what works together to create a wardrobe.

What is unique about the new pieces?
The new line gave me a chance to work with muted colors like grey, slate blue, and plum, but add in a jolt of acid blue and our new hand-created lightning print, called Livewire. I’m also doing new things with knits, like architectural cuts and a wax treatment in my new LP: Limited Production pieces—the wax pieces are awesome—it gives the knit a leatherlike sheen, but still lets it drape.

What’s your pick for Stormrunner’s must-have piece?
I love the new wax-seamed legging and have it in every color. It takes the legging to another level and works with every top and even the dresses in the collection. I feel very “undercover rock star” in these.

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