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Slideshow: Melrose Market Studios

New Capitol Hill venue opens up under Sitka and Spruce and Marigold and Mint.

By Laura Cassidy November 23, 2011


Ever wandered into the Melrose Market from the backside, near the sorely underrated Still Liquor and noticed a void where a wedding venue ought to be?

Michel Girard, with the help of in-house event planner Stacy Kvam, remedied that.

Melrose Market Studios is up and running; they held their first wedding industry event late last week.

In attendance were the caterers that MMS has sanctioned; couples who book their event there will choose between some of the top teams in town. (See slideshow for more.)

The behind-the-scenes prep area is a jewel in the joint’s crown; while it’s not something couples or guests would even be aware of, the nicely equipped set-up area makes life easier for food crews, which makes presentation and flavor all the better, too.

Check out the slideshow here for more on the venue, and its preferred providers.

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