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New Venue: The Oasis

Meet SoDo Park’s new neighbor, maybe throw a party there.

By Laura Cassidy October 12, 2011


On a recent Thursday (read: it wasn’t even a summer month) I drove by SoDo Park at around 5:30 and saw a priest-led bridal party out on the sidewalk, waiting to make their grand entrance.

5:30 on a Thursday? Now that’s the sign of some recessionary restructuring (of tradition, that is)—and a very, very popular venue.

So it’s no wonder the Herban Feast folks (the ownership team behind SoDo Park) snapped up the property next door to their beloved First Ave South hub when it became available.

The newly christened Oasis can accommodate up to 100 for seated events, and cocktail parties for up to 200. And while guests certainly may utilize the award-winning catering chefs at Herban Feast, the 18-foot sliding door that leads to the drive-in courtyard provides access for on-trend food truck delivery service. Good Times.

It’s worth noting that many a venue owner would have made on-site catering a condition of rental at the new spot. HF head BJ Duft just isn’t that kind of guy. The food truck thing is too fun and too perfect, so the company is partnering with a fleet of mobile food trucks including Fusion on the Run, Parfait Ice Cream, The Bistro Box, Skillet, and Marination Mobile so that guests can get the most out of the space’s architectural elements and the city’s meals-on-wheels.

Speaking of architectural elements; a built-in rock garden, tons of lusciously non-native plants, and lofty ceilings are responsible for the warm, lounge-evoking name. And speaking of lounge: while the Oasis can be booked as a stand-alone event space, it can also be an add-on to events celebrated at SoDo Park. Imagine an adjacent cocktail area, or an add-on dessert room (paging the aforementioned ice cream delivery …) for your 200-person celebration. Unlike most other venues, the Oasis is available at hourly or block rates, so couples and planners will want to keep it in mind for bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and the like.

And check this out: If you book by November 15 for events occurring before the end of January 2012 (do I hear a shotgun?), you can save up to 50 percent off the booking fee. (Subject to availability; contact 206-932-4717 for complete information.)

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