Seattle-based Hair Trend

Plume Goes DIY

Local hair-feather extension brand launches a design-it-yourself clip-in option today.

By Allie Oosta October 20, 2011

Design your own clip-in feather extension with Seattle-based Plume’s newest service.

Where do you stand on the whole feather hair extension thing? A leading proprietor of the avian-influenced trend (they outfit the cast of Glee with them) is based here, and they’ve just released a commitment-free option. Seattle’s Plume launches their new site today; there, you can pick colors and create your own clip-ins.

Currently, Plume’s feathers, which can either be installed with a crimp bead (far less time consuming than being weaved in), or clipped-in, are available at salons all across the country and in Seattle but for the sake of participatory journalism, I decided to “get Plumed,” like, semipermanently.

What I didn’t realize before my visit to Bowie Salon is that feather hair extensions come in subtle colors and can be relatively low key. You don’t have to go for bright orange and green bird streaks. The two UW alums who run Plume specialize in premium feathers that come in fun or natural colors. I opted for lighter feather shades—“ghost bar” (white with light grey), “silver” (grey), and “natural” (black and white)—that work as highlights instead of circuslike distractions.

Unfortunately… one came out the next day (be careful when brushing!), but I’m told that baby-fine hairs like mine can’t support them for quite as long as others. I can expect about three weeks with my feathers whereas stronger, more coarse tresses can sustain the extensions for about six weeks.

Unless, of course, you go with those new clip-in options.

Even Stacie Bowie, manager and owner of Bowie Salon, suggests them, and I agree. With PlumeSnaps, you can go a little crazier and add in some color when it makes sense to throw decorum to the wind and glam it up a bit. (I may have snagged a purply combo called the Rebel.) Streaks of black, silver, and gold are available in the new collection—just in time for the holidays.

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