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New! Gregory Reyes-Herbold at Watson-Kennedy

Introducing a new line of Halloween-season cards handmade by a stylish Seattleite.

By Laura Cassidy October 17, 2011

If and when you’ve wandered into Barney’s Co-op floor and been helped by a gentleman whose perfect execution of bohemian prep both intimidated and inspired you, well then you’ve already met Gregory Reyes-Herbold.

If and when you next wander into one of the two downtown Watson Kennedy you’ll meet Reyes-Herbold’s new collection of gothic, autumnal note cards.

Hand-inked drawings reference blackbird-spotted skies and our dry-leaf sidewalks, and the artist isn’t afraid to fully embrace the season. Though the NYTimes called the skull thing mainstream years ago (and McQueen made it beautiful before that), a few of the artist’s designs may read downright eery to some.

All the better at this time of year, though, no?

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