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Virtual Reality: Seattle Sundries

Anne Bloom’s sudsy, sustainable bars are so much more than soap on a rope.

By Annie Rose Favreau August 1, 2011


"Soapmaking is a tradition that dates back almost 5,000 years," explains Anne Bloom, the soapmaking Etsian behind Seattle Sundries. Bloom’s been experimenting with the ancient art of lather for the past twenty years; mixing, cutting, and curing suds bars in her Ballard-based studio. But her passion for practical crafting goes back even further: "I’ve always been interested in knowing how to make things—especially the everyday items that people use."

With vintage-inspired labels and names you’ll remember—check out her Bitchin’ Kitchen Soap—Bloom’s products harken back to a simpler time when being squeaky clean didn’t involve a chemical detergent. To wit, the simplicity of Buck Naked (with only four mild ingredients, it’s designed for sensitive skin), or the more exotic Haute Goat bar (made with coconut oil and goats’ milk).

All Seattle Sundries’ products are created with 100 percent natural ingredients and no chemical additives. "Learning about the effects of the toxic chemicals used in most personal care products has really strengthened my desire to offer products that are safe and wholesome," says Bloom. For an extra kick of green, each bar is packaged in reusable, recyclable metal travel tins.

Bloom brings this same level of care and sustainability to her other goods, like Marzipan Smooch Sticks, Lavender and Ylang Ylang solid lotion bars, and her classic shaving sets and lathers. Click through our slideshow for more of her sudsy products, gift sets, and creative touches (hint: there’s a soap sweater!).

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