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Virtual Reality: Modern Little Ones

Not every Etsian has been crocheting hats since before they could walk. Meet a Ballard-based vendor who tapped into her crafting talent later in life.

By Annie Rose Favreau July 5, 2011


"Until about three years ago, my creative side was kind of dormant," jokes Catherine Séguin, who sells blankets, bibs, and bags for young ‘uns through her Etsy shop Modern Little Ones.

"My mom wasn’t the super crafty type," the Crown Hill resident explains, "So I didn’t have a ton of encouragement." But, armed with a sewing machine, received as a gift, and a book called Bend the Rules Sewing, Séguin got her start making onesies as presents for family and friends. "I just needed the permission that it was okay if I ended up ripping seams out and starting over."

Though happy with her baby accessories in bright graphic fabrics, Séguin was nervous about making the leap to virtual retail. "I was intimidated by Etsy—the people they feature have formal art training or have been sewing since they were five." She went ahead and opened shop in 2010; the positive response ever since keeps her going.

Click through the slideshow to see more of Séguin’s colorful creations.

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