Will really choice items, like the moleskin shirt, be available at the Filson warehouse sale on Saturday? There’s only one way to find out (and that’s by getting there early).

Where: The Filson warehouse: 3851 First Ave S (just shy of Spokane St; look for Compton Lumber)

What: The just-announced warehouse sale represents a four-hour window in which to score Filson’s signature outerwear. luggage, and totes. Men’s and women’s styles—closeouts, factory seconds, and items that have been returned—from the hipster-approved local heritage brand will be discounted from 30 to 70 percent off.

If you’ve heard the rumblings that Filson may be moving their production out of Seattle you’ll recognize that this is an opportunity to get a deal on what might be an endangered species: actual Seattle-made Filson gear.

When: Saturday July 23 from 8 to noon. Our advice: get there early, but remember: No one likes an early bird.

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