Slideshow: Seattle Swimwear by Teu and Adicora

Yes, the city famous for gray skies and perpetual rain is home to two new swimsuit lines.

By Katie Ormsby June 3, 2011


Malibu this ain’t, but two new Seattle-based swimwear lines want to dress you (just barely) for fun in the sun.

Teu’s Tininha Silva, late of the now-defunct Tininha’s in Fremont, and Niveen Heaton of Adicora recently launched bikini-based collections here, in the land of blink-and-you-miss-’em summers.

So what makes a Seattleite want to do swimwear? “Working with bikinis reminds me of Brazil, my native home,” says Silva. “I grew up on the beach, and loved the styles and colors of swimwear. The skimpier, the better!”

“I came here six years ago, and I married a Seattle local,” reports Heaton. “I studied design before I left Venezuela; after graduation, I worked for five years at a shoe company in product development and design. Then in November 2009, I decided it was time to do what I love most—swimwear. Right now I’m pregnant and starting a family, and my husband has two companies here. I thought, might as well do it in Seattle!”

Are you starting to see the pattern emerge? Silva came to Seattle for love, too: “I met my husband Sean in Brazil. He is an artist and grew up in Port Townsend. When we moved here we decided to insert more sun and fun into our lives, so I opened a bikini boutique that carried one-of-a-kind, upscale swimwear from all over the world. The obvious challenge was bringing sexy bikinis to a city where women tend to cover up most of the year. However, I thought it was a niche that needed to be filled.”

Silva’s studio in Madrona is set to open on June 10; fittings and sales there are by appointment only. Eventually Teu will be in area stores; until then, the collection will be sold on the company’s website.

Adicora suits are also sold via their site and in local boutiques.

For a look at a few of the styles, and to find out about Teu’s upcoming swimwear fashion show, check the slideshow here. And keep your fingers crossed for sun.

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