Sale: SportsWise

Because everyone could do with another pair of yoga pants.

By Annie Rose Favreau June 14, 2011

Dude Girl is just one of the brands that will be discounted at the Sportswise blow-out this weekend.

Where: The Canal Building; 716 N 34 St in Fremont

What: Just in time for bathing suit weather, Sportswise is throwing another warehouse sale. This one’s just for the ladies. Expect discounts of 30 to 80 percent off women’s athletic apparel from brands like Merrell, Horny Toad, Dude Girl, and Vertigo.

If the shopping gets too hectic, you and your new sports bra can hop over to the Fremont Fair Yoga for the Solstice event and do the downward dog in public. So Fremont.

When: If you’re on the Sportswise mailing list, you got an invite to the June 16 pre-sale. The rest of the world joins in on Friday June 17; the sale continues through Sunday June 19. Check the Sportswise website for times or more info about the products and brands.

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