Wedding Wednesday

Slideshow: Pike Street Press

For lovers of letterpress invitations and more, a very tactile experience awaits.

By Laura Cassidy June 29, 2011


When it comes to invitations, the format most capable of evoking timeless romance and of-the-moment cool is letterpress. Chances are very good that if you’re engaged and contemplating how to tell the world about you, you’re nursing a serious crush on the ages-old technique.

Even if you’ve just found yourself in love with printed matter and the aesthetic organization of information, you should consider a trip to Sean Brown’s recently opened Pike Street Press.

Cruise through the slideshow here to get a look inside the storefront where Brown displays the work of many Seattle-area print and graphic designers and offers very affordable fine art letterpress work as well as postcards and other stationery. Yes, Brown can take your DIY designs and create an invitation suite for you, and he can help connect you to the designers whose work is artfully hanging around the nicely industrial feeling shop, but you can also simply hunt for inspiration and ideas for your invitations. Or your business cards. Or your art collection.

To get there, follow the Pike Place Market staircase down from Western Ave to Alaskan Way, perhaps pausing at Il Corvo for lunch and continuing to Black Ball Line for some shopping.

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