Will You Wear It in Seattle? Resort 2012

We looked at the most recent collections with an eye for what works in Seattle, whether you’re staying in Shoreline or departing from Seatac this coming winter.

By Laura Cassidy June 17, 2011


Resort is a weird season. Even weirder that it’s sometimes called "cruise." The name alone feels antiquated. Resort? We’re lucky if we get a staycation these days. But it used to be that clients of Dior and Chanel, and later Ralph Lauren and Oscar, would, you know, most certainly be going somewhere fabulous and warm around the winter holidays. With the fall season being all about practical trenches and wool boucle, and spring’s breezy skirts not due for another two or three months, there was a need. These days, many collections still ready the toniest for the south of France or wherever, but others simply keep department stores and boutiques flush with pretty things and updated classics.

In today’s slideshow we cruise through some looks that seem particularly relevant to Seattle. This way, whether you’re looking at spending the final days of ‘11 in Madrona, or the first days of ’12 at St. Barth’s you can start thinking now about what you’re going to wear.

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