Sarah Loertscher’s obsession with all things sparkly began at age five. "I loved watching Wheel of Fortune," she recalls, "so I could see Vanna White in her always glittery dresses. My family would make fun of how much I loved her." Even back then she was thinking of what to make for her dream client. "I would painstakingly inch up our enormous driveway looking for the faceted fake-gold rock," she remembers.

Now Loertscher specializes in all-metal jewelry, which has a modern, urban vibe. It may seem like quite the jump from the Barbie-like Vanna. But Loertscher insists that her current work goes hand-in-hand with her childhood love of Vanna’s gowns and fool’s gold.

She studied metal as an art major in college, and she’s found that working with the material allows her to focus her interest in "facets, rocks, and sparkling glints of light." You can see nods to rocks and crystals throughout her collection at the Etsy shop Lucy Machine, and in the slideshow here.