SLIDESHOW: Tarboo for Women. Check out the trunk show on Saturday, May 7.

Were you at the Stranger’s Worn Out fashion show?

Did you see Tarboo’s much-anticipated women’s pieces?

Did you see the on-trend, easy-to-wear, classics-influenced Seattle-sewn shirtdresses? The who-needs-a-boyfriend-shirt button-up chambray? Did you see the way the models wore them with beat-up brown biker boots, Wellies, and an attitude that split the difference between studied cool and nonchalance?

The looks, and the presentation, was a hit with me and the other judges. If you didn’t see the show, or if you need a better look/touch/feel/try-on, I suggest stopping by the line’s Capitol Hill hangout this weekend.

Maikoyo Alley-Barnes and Matt Noren present the looks at a trunk show at Punctuation on Saturday, May 7 from 7 to 9.

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