Mother’s Day Shopping Map

28 shops, plotted.

By Seattle Met Staff May 5, 2011

Modern adornment for all kinds of moms from Hitchcock Madrona. For the best mom-shopping bets, mapped for your covenience, use our han

Dear Mom,

If you don’t hear a peep from us for the next two days, it’s because we’re shoulders-deep in this handy Mother’s Day shopping map on the hunt to find you something really meaningful and thoughtful and original and beautiful.

Sure, come Sunday we’ll probably play it off like we found the perfect little centerpiece vase at Liave ages ago, and just tucked it safely aside for this special day. We’ll smile like we pondered for weeks over that dark and mysterious alternative-to-a-pearl-necklace necklace from Hitchcock (pictured here). We will do some extra special treatment when wrapping the spa certificate we picked up (kind of as a last, last minute thing) and lay on the ‘you deserve it’ bit really thick.

We will say something mushy about how good you are at raising stuff when we hand over a gorgeous plant life specimen from one of our favorite living, breathing plant shops. And when, after brunch, we stop by Butch Blum, we will likely not let on that we knew about their Sunday-only special: 20 percent off on any item you choose Mother’s Day special. ‘Oh mom, pick out anything you love!,’ we’ll exclaim. (We will feel free to enjoy the free champagne while we’re hoping you don’t love something too spendy.)

So have a good TGI Friday, and get some errands done on Saturday, because we’ll be over on Sunday with something really, really good.

your biggest fans

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