Latin Crew at Far 4

A new way to see glass art on June’s First Thursday.

By Laura Cassidy May 27, 2011


Well, there were the plush folks. And the metalsmiths. And whomever else we missed. I hadn’t thought to think about it before, but I see a pattern emerging: Group of artisans and enthusiasts travels to Seattle for a gathering, local retailer hosts some type of sale, show, or other event to help them maximize their time here. Definitely a win, win.

An international clan of glass artists who call themselves the Latin Crew is about to roll into town for the Glass Art Society’s 41st annual conference. (What, you didn’t know Seattle is hosting this year?) On Tuesday June 2, their Northwest experience will include an opening party for a show of their contemporary glass work at Far 4.

Around here, we’re quite used to giant, alien/sea animal-like blown creations hanging above grand pianos and restaurant tables, but in Chile, for example, where Josefina Munoz resides, there are only a few people crafting with glass. No matter if the scene in Seattle has you excited by or indifferent about the material, this show ought to make things feel new.

Check out the short slideshow here to preview the work, and plan to visit the shop on the edge of Downtown and Pioneer Square, where genre-busting glass art and world-sourced meticulous craft are nothing new, on First Thursday, June 2 from 6 to 9.

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