If shopping or art walking are on your Mother’s Day itinerary, consider heading to Second Ave. If shopping or art walking are not on your itinerary, consider adding them.

Currently alongside Fancy’s usual (and charmingly unusual) array of handmade jewelry, the boutique is hosting an exhibit called Cooperation Tableware. (Here we will just point out that most moms are, of course, big fans of cooperation.)

The show is made up of 36 pieces of unique tableware crafted by pairs of artists, some of whom are local. The rest of them are out-of-towner metal artisans in Seattle for a conference. Sort of reminds us of how Schmancy, just down the street, hosts a big plush show for the Plush You gathering. Community!

“I thought it would be fun for metalsmiths to break out of the mold,” explains co-curator Brigitte Martin. “So, the general goal behind the exhibit was to have pairs of artists from two different mediums work together to make a product. Half of the pair needed to be a metalsmith, but everything else was very open ended.”

Metalsmiths and ceramists collaborated, metalsmiths and costume designers cooperated, metalsmiths and glassblowers got crafty, and metalsmiths and, well, you get the idea. The teams came together to make one-of-a-kind tabeleware like the teapot shown here.

Every piece is for sale; click through the slideshow for a preview.

The show will be up through May 29 as part of the Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference.

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