Tonight! Go See Joe Zee

The Elle mag editor, Sundance Channel star, and style advisor Joe Zee pops into Nordstrom.

By Laura Cassidy April 21, 2011

A Radenroro skirt, new at Nordstrom.

Where: Downtown Nordstrom — upstairs in the Savvy department

What: Joe Zee, Elle’s creative director and, since the doors closed on Nina Garcia, the mag’s name and face, has been busy. The latest of his reality show roles is with the Sundance Channel’s new ‘All On the Line’; there he helps struggling designers reclaim their moxie.

One such apparently-not-too-challenged brand is Radenroro; the line’s designers are in town to say hi and promote the show with Mr. Zee this evening.

Don’t worry about them, though; their line can’t be in too dire of straights. After all, they just got picked up by Nordstrom.

When: Tonight; Thursday, April 21 from 6 to 8

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