For proof that Seattle has a thriving Etsy community, see our ongoing Virtual Reality series, or on Saturday, May 7 join 60 of them when they gather under one roof for the annual etsyRain Craft Show.

The virtual shopkeepers come into the real world at the Intiman Theatre from 11 to 5; arrive early—the first 50 shoppers get swag bags filled with goods made by participating artisans.

In this slideshow, five vendors give us the scoop on what to expect—including some Mother’s Day gift ideas.

First up (pictured here), Anne Sylte Bloom of Seattle Sundries talks handcrafted soap.

WWW: What piece are you most excited about selling?
Sylte Bloom: I’m most excited about my new shaving soaps right now. I spent over a year perfecting my recipes, and I’ve come up with three great soaps. Two are traditional tallow, and one is a vegan alternative shaving soap. It can be for either men or women, but it’s meant to be used with a shaving brush and a bowl to build great lather.

What are you most looking forward to about the fair?
I love etsyRain events. Being a part of this group has really made me feel connected to the craft culture of the city. I believe that there is a bit of a revolution going on right now around the country as consumers are forced to spend their money more carefully. People are more focused on quality and appreciate craftsmanship in a way that has been missing for some time. I love being a part of that movement, and etsyRain is an integral part of it here in Seattle.

Click through our slideshow to meet the rest.

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